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Irene Pastore, Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor


Prenatal Yoga

A private Prenatal Yoga session for the mother-to-be, in your home. Kegels, abdominals, stretching and strengthening postures.  Relieve discomfort associated with pregnancy.

Semi-Private Prenatal Yoga

Share a private Prenatal Yoga session with a pregnant friend, in your home.  Kegels, abdominals, stretching and strengthening postures.  Relieve discomfort associated with pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga For Couples

Private Prenatal Yoga for expectant couples, in your home.

Ultra Tension Tamer Bodywork

Reiki Spa Body Soother gently soothes the discomforts of pregnancy and everyday stress.  Bodywork may be integrated with Yoga.


Yoga Shape-Up

Private Yoga exercise at home with or without your baby.  Babies should be at least 3 months old.

Pilates Shape-Up

Private, in-home Pilates exercise.  Strengthen abdominals, core muscles, back, shoulders, legs. 

Yoga For Maternity
Private Home Appointments
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New York City
Brooklyn - Queens - Manhattan

Irene Pastore
Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Malasana Pose For Labor & Birth

Malasana is called Garland Pose in English, and is also known as squatting.  Malasana Pose can make your labor and birth less painful.  During pregnancy, squatting can improve your flexibility, ease back pain, decrease constipation, strengthen your legs and back, and train you for good body mechanics when lifting.

Wall Squats - To get your body accustomed to practising Malasana Pose, place your back against a wall for support.  

Strengthening Exercises Prevent Prenatal Low Back Pain

Back pain can be prevented by being as fit as possible before you become pregnant.  There are several prenatal exercises, and Yoga poses that help prevent, and relieve low back pain.

If you have no experience with exercise, you can still benefit, by starting Yoga in your early stages, and maintaining a routine throughout your pregnancy.

Standing Pelvic Tilts
- This simple exercise helps to prevent low back ache, and improves posture during pregnancy.

Pelvic Tilts stretch the low back, and strengthen the abdominals.  In the early stages of pregnancy, pelvic tilts can be done while lying on your back.

Table Pose Leg Raise - This all fours Yoga pose helps strengthen low back and buttock muscles. 

Kegels - This pelvic floor exercise strengthens the muscles that facilitate labor.  These simple exercises, along with abdominal strenthening,  help to reduce the strain of pregnancy on your back.

Abdominals - Strengthening the abdominal muscles helps to maintain good posture, and prevent low back ache.  Abdominal exercises
are performed according to level of ability, and previous experience.

Modified abdominal exercises are performed leaning back on pillows, in a seated position.  Abs may also be done by drawing the navel back toward the spine.  Standing Pelvic Tilts also work the abdominals, and are easier to do.

Wall Squats
- Thigh, buttock, and hamstring muscles are strengthened while performing squats with your back against a wall. 

Chair Pose - This is a standing squat, and will strengthen your legs, low back, buttocks, and shoulders.

Start Anytime During Your Pregnancy and Continue Right Up To The End

Yoga For Maternity is suitable for beginners or experienced.  Dancers also benefit from the gentle, non-competitive nature of Hatha Yoga.

Welcome To Yoga For Maternity

Irene Pastore, Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructo
r, created Yoga For Maternity in 1997, and has helped hundreds of women experience less discomfort and tension during pregnancy, labor, and birth.  Now in private practice, Irene formerly taught prenatal Yoga at Beth Israel Medical Center, Department Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center in New York City.  Irene is also a Certified Personal Trainer, and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the International Sports Sciences Association.  She is a Certified Pilates Instructor, and a Reiki Master.

hank You Notes From Our Clients

"I delivered an 8 lb. 8 oz. baby, and want to let you know how the standing pelvic tilt exercise was instrumental in relieving back pain during the final pushing phase."  Christina - Brooklyn

"I was able to deliver without an epidural or pain relievers.  Your class really helped me to focus, so I was able to manage the discomfort."  Barbara - Brooklyn

"I delivered a very peaceful and alert baby.  Thank you for helping me to stay calm and relaxed during my pregnancy."
Allison - Manhattan

"Thanks a million for all the great work and support during my pregnancy.  I am now a big believer in the benefits of Yoga."    Marla - Manhattan

"All the exercises strengthened and prepared my body for labor, and helped me to have a fairly quick recovery."
Hiliary - Manhattan

"My doctor remarked how impressed she was with my abiity to focus and stay relaxed during a farly long and intense period of pushing."    Karen - Manhattan

"Thank you for all your support during my pregnancy.  It wouldn't have gone so smoothly without your help."
Victoria - Manhattan

"Prenatal and postpartum Yoga were more valuable to me than I could have imagined.  I always left the class feeling refreshed and energized - no matter how tired I was before. Yoga helped me during pregnancy, and helped me transcend the discomforts of labor."   Linda - Manhattan

"Thank you for being a wonderful Yoga instructor.  The classes were great for me."  Nikki - Manhattan

"I delivered a beautiful baby boy who weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz, and 21 inches long.  Yoga definitely helped with breathing and pushing during labor."  Maggie - Manhattan

"Your class was a positive part of my overall pregnancy and birth experience.  During my labor I was able to draw on the feeling of relaxation and control."   Beth - Manhattan

Yoga For Maternity
Private Home Appointments
Early AM - Daytime - Evening
New York City
Brooklyn - Queens - Manhattan

Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Career Moms - Dancers - VPs
Attorneys - Artists - Actresses
Bankers - Stay-at-Home Moms
Business Owners - Photographers
Architects - Physicians - Teachers

Yoga For Maternity follows the American College Of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Guidelines For Exercise In Pregnancy

The information on this website is for educational purposes.  It does not replace the advice of your physician.  If you have any concerns about starting a prenatal, or postpartum exercise program, it is best to consult your healthcare provider.